140A Gasless Mig Inverter Welding Machine

Perfect for welding steel up to 4mm thick! Great for hobby welders and home workshops.

  • Powerful - 140A welding power up to 4mm steel thickness
  • Portable - Only 5.6kg super light weight and portable
  • Reliable - Cutting edge inverter technology ensures ultimate reliability
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Cutting edge Inverter IGBT Technology helps you weld like a pro on home, workshop and on-site projects. 

  •  Gasless MIG welder for improved convenience
  • LED Display for instant feedback of amperage and Voltage
  • 60% duty cycle @ 120A Lightweight and robust construction - only 5.6kg
  • 10A Plug - ideal for home & workshop power supplies
  • Includes TRB14 MIG Torch
  • 18 Month Trade Warranty
Attribute nameAttribute value
Dimensions345 x 145x 265mm
Input Power Supply230V AC 10A 50/60Hz
Maximum Input Current25A
Generator Capacity7.6kVA
MIG Duty Cycle120A@60%
MIG Wire Size0.8mm Flux-Cored

Suitable For

DIY or Small Projects DIY or Small Projects

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