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Functional Welders For The Home & Workshop

Whether you are looking to do a bit of maintenance work, or just need a machine for the home workshop Weldtech's range of welders will get the job done.

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From Farm Work to Light Engineering

The Weldtech name has been synonymous with quality and cutting edge welding technology since the early 1970s. There are many and varied ranges of welding machines on the market today but beware, all are not created equal!

In addition to the market leading performance and innovative features, Weldtech machines are built super tough, to withstand the rigorous demands of the welding professional.

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Cutting edge electronics help you weld like a pro on home, workshop and on-site projects 

  • Powerful - 140A welding power up to 8mm steel thickness
  • Portable - Only 3.2kg super light weight arid portable
  • Reliable- Cutting edge IGBT inverter technology ensures ultimate reliability  
140A Inverter MMA Welding Machine
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The perfect multi-process welder for MMA/TIA and plasma cutting tasks around the workshop!

  • Powerful- 160A TIG. 140A MMA. 30A plasma output current- welds up to 12mm- cuts up 8mm
  • Portable- At 18Kg this machine is portable and robust
  • Reliable- Cutting edge IGBT Inverter Technology
140A Arc/Tig/Plasma Inverter Welding Machine
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Ideal for TIG welding aluminium and all steels from 0.3 - 10mm. With all the controls plus a digital read-out, this inverter is exceptionally smooth and easy to operate. It has all the features of a professional machine housed in a compact case.

  • Powerful - 160A TIG. 140A MMA. 30A plasma output current -Welds up to 12mm - Cuts up to 8mm
  • Portable - At 18kg this machine is portable and robust 
  • Reliable - Cutting edge IGBT Inverter Technology
200AMP Inverter Tig/Arc AC/DC Pulse Welder
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Incorporates the latest in MIG, ARG and TIG technology offering professional results, and simple set up, for all welding requirements and skill levels.

  • Powerful - 180A welding power up to 6mm steel thickness 
  • Portable - Only 9kg super light weight and portable 
  • Reliable - Cutting edge inverter technology ensures ultimate reliability
180A Mig/Arc/Dc Tig Inverter Welding Machine
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Cutting edge IGBT Inverter Technology with MIG, TIG and ARC processes available. Produces professional results on workshop or on-site projects.

  • Powerful - 200A welding power up to 12mm steel thickness 
  • Portable - Only 13kg super light weight and portable 
  • Reliable - All in one machine for ARC, MIG and TIG
200A Mig/Arc/Tig Inverter Welding Machine
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18 Month Trade Warranty

The Weldtech Series of machines are covered by a comprehensive 18 Month Trade Warranty. As well as having spares & accessories for all machines off the shelf in New Zealand, Weldtech has nationwide coverage of knowledgeable service centres available to assist if you ever have any issues over the life of your machine.

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Nationwide Servicing & Support

A key component of Weldtech philosophy is to provide exceptional customer backup service & support, for all products offered.

This service includes extensive spare parts stock holding, comprehensive spare parts lists and service manuals, a dedicated FREE phone support line & online support, where you can talk to experienced and helpful technicians.

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Instructional Welding Videos

We Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Machine

We provide training videos on each of the machines in the Weldtech range to help you get the most out of your machine. Whether you are a total beginner to welding or just new to these machines, be sure to check these out.

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