Weld Cleaning Cleaners

Electrochemical weld cleaning is a process used in the manufacturing industry to remove post-weld impurities such as heat tint, discoloration, and surface rust using an electrical current and electrolytic fluids.


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Electro-Chemical Weld Cleaning

Welds are traditionally cleaned with highly acidic, aggressive pickling paste. This pickling paste is so strong & extremely potent, it is becoming a contentious health & safety issue in industry. This is making way for safer, quicker and overall better alternatives such as electrochemical weld cleaning machines like the WT100C (see below).

  • Safer for You
  • Highly Effective
  • Quick Results


Weldtech Has You Covered


The WT100C is ideal for polishing and cleaning weld beads, quickly and easily. This weld bead cleaner will save you time and money, removes the possibility of corrosion, and ultimately is a safe non-toxic option to clean you welds. 

  • Supply Power - 230V 50Hz / 10A Single Phase
  • Protection class - IP21S
  • Dimensions - 500x400x420mm
Electrochemical Weld Cleaner / Polisher
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