ARC Welders

The intense heat needed to melt metal is produced by an electric arc formed between the actual work and an electrode that is guided along the joint. The electrode is a specially prepared rod/wire that conducts the current & melts and supplies filler metal to the joint.

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Benefits of ARC

  • More cost-effective as less equipment, but even so, the equipment required is usually very affordable
  • Generally more portable
  • Works on dirty metal
  • Shielding gas is not necessary, meaning welding can be completed in all types of weather


Weldtech Has You Covered


Cutting edge electronics help you weld like a pro on home, workshop and on-site projects 

  • Powerful - 140A welding power up to 8mm steel thickness
  • Portable - Only 3.2kg super light weight arid portable
  • Reliable- Cutting edge IGBT inverter technology ensures ultimate reliability  
140A Inverter MMA Welding Machine
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The perfect multi-process welder for MMA/TIA and plasma cutting tasks around the workshop!

  • Powerful- 160A TIG. 140A MMA. 30A plasma output current- welds up to 12mm- cuts up 8mm
  • Portable- At 18Kg this machine is portable and robust
  • Reliable- Cutting edge IGBT Inverter Technology
160A Arc/Tig/Plasma Inverter Welding Machine
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Ideal for TIG welding aluminium and all steels from 0.3 - 10mm. With all the controls plus a digital read-out, this inverter is exceptionally smooth and easy to operate. It has all the features of a professional machine housed in a compact case.

  • Powerful - 20-200A TIG & ARC. Welds up to 10mm.
  • Portable - At 18kg this machine is portable and robust 
  • Reliable - Cutting edge IGBT Inverter Technology
200AMP Inverter Tig/Arc AC/DC Pulse Welder
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